Whitewood & Fleming present a Dreamtime Film

In Vitro - She changed the world forever

The film In Vitro is a unique collaboration. Together, a team of film-makers, scientists and philosophers have created a gripping 20-minute film. Following the story of Rachel, a wilful, brilliant young scientist, the story is one of arrogance, human failing and uncertainty, played out in a world where science and technology have the power to fragment human lives and values. Rachel has managed to create �artificial sperm’ using her own bone marrow.

Eager to make her mark on the world, she fertilises one of her eggs with this artificial sperm. Against the odds, she has a child... but what sort of life will such a child lead? How will society respond to this seismic upheaval that redefines the very nature of parenthood?

The team behind In Vitro have designed and developed a special teaching pack to enable the film to be used in a variety of subject areas, including science, citizenship, English, Media Studies, politics and others. The aim of the film is to show viewers how technology may change the future, and to explore the questions that this raises. How can a sperm cell be “artificially” created? Can a woman really have a child using only her own genetic material? Is science always “neutral”? Is it wrong to “mess with nature”?

The film is suitable for viewers of around 12 and over. The activities provided in the pack are suggestions, and can be modified or altered at teachers’ discretion. We hope that you and your students find this material useful, engaging, and intriguing!